Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Bigenara to professional forex trading - (Part 1)

Foreign exchange market – Forex

What is Forex
This is a decentralized international currency market. The foreign exchange market to purchase - sale's income can be. This means that a country's currency against another country's currency by buying or selling, you can earn. When you buy one country's currency is the currency of another country's currency is different than the price of your purchase price urdhbagatika your profits. This market is so large that a few times more than the New York Stock Exchange market volume at the daily trade. The Daily ons - over amount of about 3.5 trillion U.S.. Dollar more than. The world's 15 - 0 people have forex job as a part-time job as otherwise FT. The forex outsourching forex business. Where profit is a good and welleducation through. I do not know that it means your foot into this market is dead ax.
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We hope that with the proper education HarŪZ somewhat less than the market with quite a visitor. If you want to be the best player in the Trader learn, then start again. I do not fear or negative, because I just learned that when you lose it all may have some understanding of the rue nothing will.

Saturday, December 1, 2012

oDesk Tutorial Part 6

What kind of issues that we can work odesk previous parts said. Now assume that the system learn.

1.First, go to your account and click Find Work.
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2.Such a page will with Categories. Some of the work (like 5 am), you'll see. You can also search categories by clicking on the left side. But they do not wish to, you can click Browse All Job

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

oDesk Tutorial Part 5

                                       Odesk the two tests which are mandatory. These are:
Desk Readiness Test for Agency Contractors
oDesk Readiness Test for Independent Contractors and Staffing Managers
Were reportedly saw a test of the (Underside), but the profile Strong is two (the same two questions on the test)
                                        oDesk Readiness Test for Agency Contractors
1.In this test, you must first go to (or can not be)

2.Please click Start Test on the image.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

oDesk Tutorial Part 4

Please login to your account first. Then click on the bottom of the profile.
 Left, you will see a bar that right User Settings. The first thing to be familiar with

Contact Info: Here you will find all the information to communicate with you.
My Contractor Profile: This is basically your profile.
My teams: Here you can see the team's activities.
My tests: the test and see how many you oDesk with the description.
Linked Accounts: Here, you can link your Facebook account and Twitter account.
Change Password Change Security Question and I hope it will not.

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

oDesk Tutorial Part 3

Gohere first.
Create an Account  Click here

As you work, So  “Freelance Contractor – I want to earn money as an independent contractor” The check, please.

Fill in the fields below with the correct information. Must have accurate information. We must remember security questions. Otherwise, there are news accounts. Gmail is the best email address.

To get the text, mail from confirmed, information is given, and the User Agreement and agree that ODesk Profile Complete will be called.

You can mail in an e-mail address from ODesk. Click the link there to confirm your account.

Fill out Contact Information Click here, Please fill out the following information to continue.

Then Complete your odesk profile Click here, Select a category from the job (which you can, not 10), as the primary roll is the best that you can select it. Hourly rate of 1.08. Ability the hours you work, the hours of select (for example, 10 hours a week). Title “Wordpress Developer, Data Entry Professional, Blog Writer, Creative Writer” (Which can also have them). Please continue.

Accept the Odesk User Agreement Click here, I agree that submitting a check mark on it.

I see Post my Profile Come. Click it.
Site interface familiar
Find Jobs Find work get it to work you will find here, you'll see job applications submitted by any application; profile, the profile can see, test them to see which test you.

My Jobs was not important. It will be discussed later.

Wallet allows you to select a method of payment, money can Withdraw; You can get all transaction Sets (These will be notified of the details).

You can see on the right side of your profile summary. In other words, there is no job with job applications client can see what is being discussed; sent applications, you will see how many applications are sent.

Monday, November 19, 2012

Odesk tutorial part 2

What is the minimum qualification odesk work?
odesk the general English speaking and writing skills are not enough there. I want to learn to make better income. Programming or higher level of knowledge do not exist two types of work can be Apply. These are article writing and data entry. However, these are two of the bids. This work is found in almost adventures If you have WordPress, Hosting, Domain, WordPress theme design, some of this is common knowledge, only you can see the hand. Odesk with slightly better results can be Exam.
How about the remuneration rates for different purposes?

Sunday, November 18, 2012

ODesk Tutorial Part 1

What is odesk?
ODesk is an Online Marketplace. What is the online marketplace? Such questions may seem. Online Marketplace is a market where people find employment are eligible for a particular purpose.
How does it work?
Here, Employer (client) and contract (worker) are the two terms. Employer his work, job type, type, duration, working with his own opinion about it. If you think yourself worthy of a contract for the work he has Salary with employer the application (cover letter) said.
What kind of jobs are available?
I let it sit remote, here are the kinds of things generally. Notable are
Web Development (eg, WordPress,  CSS,  php,  html,  Joomla, etc.)
Web design (for example, in the design, thesis design, Web design, etc.)
Software development (for example, desktop applications, creating mobile Apps, etc.)
Blog Writing / Article Writing (for example, a blog post, writing reviews, etc.)
Data entry (eg, from Excel Sheet PDF editing, captcha entry, etc.)
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